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UK export with the experts –

We take care of everything.
Our services
  • Germany <-> UK 5 times a day
  • Solutions for every number of cubic meters
  • Transports throughout the UK
  • also in the English Isles
  • Specialists in dangerous goods, express and temperature-controlled freight
your benefits
  • highest flexibility
  • precise processing thanks to great expertise
  • Customs formalities no problem despite Brexit
  • trained drivers for safe transport

Since Brexit, the requirements at the borders have increased significantly. With the exit from the European Union on December 31, 2020, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the customs union and the EU internal market. In 2022, further changes in customs regulations were made in two stages. As a long-standing expert in the field of UK transport, Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH has dealt intensively with the topic and guaranteed smooth processes from the start.

If you want to export goods to the United Kingdom, you need support. The regulations stipulate that only companies or persons based in the UK may declare customs matters. Even before Brexit, we were able to rely on very good contacts with our customs brokers, which have only increased since then. While customs agencies sprouted up like mushrooms shortly after the exit, we were already able to fall back on good, functioning relationships; this also applies vice versa. So if goods are to be brought from one customs area - Germany or the EU - to the other area - the United Kingdom - the goods must be released for "free circulation". A customs declaration is required for this.

If you want us to bring the goods to the United Kingdom as a forwarding agent, there are basically two options: either you take care of all the necessary customs matters yourself or leave them to us - as specialists in the field of UK transport. With many years of experience and expertise, we always guarantee a smooth process despite complex processes.

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We take care of everything - the all-inclusive package

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You take responsibility, we take care of the transport.

Head up to UK - but without headaches!

Just contact our experts.
Have you lost track of all the Brexit regulations? No problem - we have it. Contact us and trust our expertise.

Full service for UK exports
- version 1

Our services
  • Total customs clearance of the cargo
  • Guaranteed complete documentation and no stress at the border
  • Transport and pre-customs clearance from a single source
  • Transports to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Transports to the English Isles: Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man
Your benefits
  • Simply export with ease
  • Reliable and professional handling
  • Carefree export despite Brexit
  • Your goods in the hands or on the loading area of experts
  • Vehicles and carriers are on the road for you around the clock by truck

What do you need for the import, what is needed for the export? The specifications are different depending on the direction of transport - and maybe confusing. This is where we come in: We had very good contacts in the UK even before Brexit, and we have been in contact with them even more since Brexit. Many years of cooperation guarantee a smooth process – our customers benefit from this.

This valuable exchange makes us experts in the field of England transports. With us, every move is spot on and everything comes from a single source. This is important if customers want to feel safe. If you leave all the necessary steps to us, we also take responsibility if something goes wrong.

Export from Germany to the UK

In order to export goods to England since Brexit, there are a few important steps to follow. Since Brexit, Great Britain is no longer part of the customs territory of the European Union. From a sales tax perspective as well as from a customs perspective, this is a so-called third country. Therefore, the hassle of importing to the UK is complex. The effort involved has multiplied since Brexit. Because we already had excellent contacts in the United Kingdom before Brexit, we always have a personal contact person.

Declare yourself and let go
- version 2

Our services
  • experienced drivers
  • large fleet for individual solutions
  • Speedy loading thanks to experienced staff
Your benefits
  • Flexible design in terms of loading and transport
  • You keep track of all customs matters
  • Own contacts to the UK can be maintained

Of course, we don't have to take care of customs clearance for you if you want to transport goods to England with us. You can also simply benefit from our experience of traveling to the UK for many years. Our drivers are trained to drive on the left and know the roads of England.

When you hire us as a freight forwarder, all of the customs formalities listed above must already be in place, so all you need to do is scan the paperwork at the border crossing.

What's required for customs clearance to the UK?

Spedition England Germany - Your UK transports

From you as a customer, we need the EORI number, the commercial invoice, any certificates of origin, details of the deferment accounts, the importer’s contact person including contact details (name, telephone number, e-mail address), a packing list and the bills of lading or delivery notes.

The following information must be listed on the commercial invoice: The name and address of the buyer as well as his EORI and tax identification number must be mentioned as the first items. A description of the goods and the exact details of the customs tariff number (note: we always need the 11-digit HS code) are required, as well as the exact value of the goods so that the customs value can be determined. The value of the goods must be stated once as a total amount and per item.

The customs tariff number provides information about the type of goods. Based on this numerical code, it is possible to read what purpose the goods have, what material they are made of and what type of packaging they are in. Another point is that the future CDS import declaration will require more specific information on how the customs value declared for import is determined, especially when the seller and buyer/importer are related. Accordingly, our customs partner LCL in the UK will need more precise information in the future in order to be able to determine the correct value.

You are welcome to read about this in the summary information (Notice 252) and let us know which valuation method is suitable for your imports from different suppliers. In addition, we provide our customers with a practical checklist with all the necessary documents.

For our UK exports we use the ferry between Calais and Dover

UK export by ferry from Calais to Dover

Every path has its requirements

If you want to transport goods to England, you have to be aware that the way leads over water. Since the Eurotunnel is not a suitable transport route - especially for dangerous goods - the requirements for overseas transport apply. So if you want to transport liquid goods, for example, you have to make sure that the barrels are sealed in such a way that nothing can get into the seawater in an emergency. But this is clarified separately and depending on the product group and type. Our dangerous goods experts will be happy to advise you.

For our transports to England, we use the ferry between the port cities of Calais (France) and Dover (England). Because this route leads over water, there are special features when it comes to transport. For example, goods must be secured in such a way that, for example, nothing comes into contact with seawater in an emergency.

Do you have questions about the requirements? We are happy to help.

Request UK transport now

Contact us and save Brexit Fee
If you decide to work with Duwensee after the initial consultation and our free quotation, you will receive a refund of the "Brexit Fee" for the first two transports (total value €70.00) as a small thank you.

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UK Export FAQ

What do I need for transport to England?
As a forwarding agent, we need all the necessary customs documents for transport to England and the United Kingdom. You can either put these together yourself or commission us to do the customs clearance. You can read about the documents required for transport to the UK in ourchecklist.
Why is transport to England so complicated?
Since Brexit, England is no longer a member of the European Customs Union. For this reason, England counts as a "third country" from a customs point of view, which entails a larger procedure at the border crossing.
Can I declare my delivery myself?
Yes, that is also possible. In this case, you also assume full responsibility for all documents that must be presented at the border. In this case, you can still rely on our expertise as a forwarding agent and assume that your goods will arrive safely at their destination.
How long does transport to England take?
We would like to point out that customs clearance takes several days. Nevertheless, we guarantee you speedy transport, as we have good contacts with English customs brokers. This simplifies customs matters, as we are already a well-established team - and were even before Brexit.

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