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Reliable transport with Duwensee.

Key Business Areas

  • Extensive experience in managing transport for high-end automotive, composite & precision manufacturing industries
  • Vast experience in managing transport for exhibitions
  • UK business presence – expediency and immediacy in "company-to-client" interface & communication
  • Express shipments within 24-hour period / trailer swaps / double-manned transportt
  • Full-trailer & part-load groupage shipments provided

Your benefits

  • 50+ year family-run truck owning business based adjacent to Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany operating 5 trucks daily to / from the UK
  • Immediacy in availability of 2-3 trucks per day always located between Birmingham and London catchment areas
  • 20+ years exposure in the UK market – know how & efficiency in key markets
  • Focus on quality
  • Telematic real-time coverage of trucks / tracking & traceability of shipments

From UK to Germany without headaches - but how?

Shipping England Germany - Your UK to Germany transports

Leave customs clearance to the experts!

Benefit from efficiency and flexibility

Brexit is
no exit for you - safe

Get in touch with our experts for UK business

Our passion has been importing and exporting between England and Germany for many years. We have built up a large network on the British Isles and can rely on competent partners. Even after Brexit, we will continue to maintain our contacts without restriction and not only deliver the usual quality of work, but also your goods without any hurdles to England and back. Rely on our experience and benefit from our network.

As an exclusive service, we also offer you transports to the English islands: Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man - With this service we are almost unique in the field of England transports.

Whether England, Wales, Ireland or Scotland - despite the complex processes during a transport to Great Britain, we guarantee first-class processing, which is also based on our many years of experience.

We offer our customers a complete package in which we pre-order all relevant information and documentation needed for importing and exporting goods to the UK. Our customers don't have to worry about anything else and can sit back and relax while our specialists keep track of things. You can rest assured that your goods and merchandise are in good hands!

Our vehicles and forwarders are on the road for you around the clock to enable numerous departures and smooth transport. Our truck drivers are specially trained for England transports, including driving in left-hand traffic and behavior in dangerous situations. This is how we guarantee uncomplicated and punctual transport.


Contact us now

and save your Brexit Fee
If you decide to work with Duwensee after the initial consultation and our free quotation, you will receive a refund of the "Brexit Fee" for the first two transports (total value €70.00) as a small thank you.

Customs clearance made easy

A truck leaves our yard five times a day and makes its way to Calais in France. From there, our drivers take the ferry to Dover in England. We will clarify the customs procedures that have been necessary since Brexit in advance to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We are your UK specialist with many years of experience.

In order to transport goods to or from England, a few things have to be observed since England left the EU: Various customs documents must now be filled out to process the transport. First and foremost is the EORI number, without which nothing is possible.

In addition, all goods and goods must be registered in advance. Our team will take care of the necessary processing for you, which is necessary for customs. We maintain very good contacts with the English authorities and customs brokers and prepare your import or export in the best possible way.

What does EORI number mean?

This abbreviation stands for "Economic Operators' Registration and Identification". In Germany, this number is assigned by customs and simplifies the processes between those involved.

Required Documents

  • the commercial invoice
  • Packing list or delivery note
  • EORI number and VAT ID of the sender from Germany
  • EORI number and VAT number of UK recipient
  • Shipping declaration for shipments

Commercial invoice and packing list must include the following:

  • Address and EORI number of the exporter
  • Address of the buyer and, if applicable, the recipient
  • Goods description with goods tariff number
  • Number of packages (boxes, pallets, etc.)
  • Weight specification (gross and net)
  • Franking (EXW/DAP/DDP etc.)
  • country of origin of the goods
Stückgut-, Teil- und Komplettladungen - International - Europaweit mit Schwerpunkt England und Benelux-Staaten

Brexit! Not exit for you - safe.

As a company with more than ten years of England Transport experience, we are the best choice for your logistics projects to England. You benefit from our experience, our extensive network in the UK and from our professional working methods down to the last detail.

Brexit brings new challenges for the entire logistics process, which not every logistics service provider is up to. Our disposition has been intensively prepared with our customs partners over the past few months, which is why we have been able to continue to guarantee a smooth flow of goods since January 1st, 2021.

With many years of experience in international transport with a focus on the United Kingdom, we are proud to have created a smooth transition from which our customers benefit.

If you are looking for a reliable logistics service provider for the UK, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Almost unique for UK transports -
our flexibility

We offer you a wide range of different services for transport to England: project logistics, dangerous goods transport as well as lifting platform deliveries and temperature-controlled transport. Of course, our services include full loads as well as general cargo.

For safe transport, Duwensee has a large fleet of trucks that drive to Great Britain with partial or full loads. This allows us to offer our customers maximum flexibility. To put it plainly: If you don't have a full truck load to ship, you can send your goods on the journey as a part load. These partial loads not only allow our customers to plan flexibly, they also guarantee daily crossings to England. But complete loads are also in good hands with our team. We transport your goods to England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland five times a day – punctually and reliably, of course. We offer you a wide range of different services - individually tailored to you.

How long does it take to get my goods to England?

Over the years, a constant of 5x a day has been established at Duwensee. This makes us unique in the Rhine-Main area. We gladly accept this role and fulfill it to the complete satisfaction of our customers. The goods usually reach their destination after three to six working days. However, how quickly things progress at the border depends on customs. We also specialize in express processing. With such a transport, we take the word express literally and deliver your goods to your desired destination faster than average.

Our England experts - your first point of contact

We are experts in the field of transport to & from the UK. High-quality, reliable and Professional service continues being our aim! Get in contact with us and experience first-hand our total logistics solutions. We are your 1st contact for transport to the UK Logistics.

Spedition Duwensee offers you an incomparable service, high-quality working methods and uncomplicated transport. a transport from Germany to England there is only one right choice for you.

Contact us and convince yourself of our services in the field of logistics. We are your contact for transport and UK logistics.

To a successful cooperation!

Your experts for tramsports from UK to Germany - Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH
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