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Right in the middle instead of just being there - that is the motto of Duwensee not only because of the excellent location in the heart of the Rhine-Main area. As a powerful partner at the side of our customers, we react quickly and easily to our customers' concerns.

What does Duwensee mean by public transport?

Unlike other freight forwarders, we do not define local transport only based on the distance to the destination of the goods. Rather, it is about delivering our goods to the destination in the most efficient way within a radius of up to 200 kilometers. Our local transport vehicles range from the manoeuvrable 3.5-tonner, which fits through almost any alley, to the 18-tonner, which delivers larger transport volumes quickly and reliably. Lifting platforms and transportable forklifts guarantee that the delivery does not fail the last few meters from the loading area. In contrast to most freight forwarders, we have also equipped our local transport vehicles with modern telematic technology. This allows you to see exactly where our truck is with your freight and when it will reach its destination. This means that we can easily guarantee notification and fixed date bookings.

The A3 is only a stone's throw away - our location in Heusenstamm is therefore particularly conveniently located. This gives us the opportunity to act and react particularly flexibly - even when things have to be done quickly. Urgent goods and express service are easy for us, and we can also deliver to stores inside out. Narrow inner cities have their pitfalls - but we are well prepared for this and can guarantee inner city deliveries in the narrowest streets and pedestrian zones. Thanks to many years of experience, we also quickly find our way around Frankfurt Airport - or are at your disposal for company traffic on your company premises. We prepare ourselves, no matter what awaits us - and look forward to your inquiry.

additional services
We make transports comfortable - whether it's a status query or unloading assistance.
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Processing of packaging and shipping of your goods or factory traffic
airport service
Take advantage of our experience at Germany's largest airport.

Fast and reliable through Rhine-Main

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We are happy to take care of your concerns - and offer you optimized solutions.

additional services

For more comfort

In order to meet the individual needs of our customers, we offer the following additional services.

"Green Logistics"

Just looking green is not enough for us: The term Green Logistics refers to environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches in the logistics industry to reduce the ecological footprint. This includes the use of low-emission vehicles, more efficient route planning, sustainable packaging and energy efficiency in storage and transport processes.
Zusatzleistung - moderne Telematic-Technik bei Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH


What others only have in long-distance transport, Duwensee also uses in local transport: every vehicle we have is equipped with modern telematics technology. This means that we always keep an eye on every transport - and are happy to provide you with information about the status.
Zusatzleistung - Verpackungsrückführung bei Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH

packaging return

We also take care of the return of packaging material that arises during delivery. We take back large parts such as empty pallets, and we recycle disposable packaging according to the relevant specifications. See “green logistics”.
Zusatzleistung - Geräte aufstellen lassen von Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH

Two man service

So that the service does not stop at the curb, we offer the option of bringing the delivered device or similar from the loading area to the intended place of use and connecting it if necessary.
Zusatzleistung - der Mitnahmestapler von Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH

truck mounted forklift

Ordered several pallets but no possibility to unload on site? There is also a solution for this that we have in our luggage: With the transportable forklift, we can unload the transported goods ourselves. This is how the last few meters become a success.
Zusatzleistung - der Mitnahmestapler von Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH

city center delivery

We'll deliver your scales to the store - no matter what pitfalls might stand in the way of the big city! Thanks to modern telematics technology, we can avoid traffic jams in a targeted manner so that fixed deadlines can be met.
Zusatzleistung - der Mitnahmestapler von Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH


Outlook for the future: We are already making sure that our employees have access to e-mobility. There are already e-charging stations at our location - and further measures are being planned.

Right in the middle of Rhine-Main

We use our home field advantage.
Conveniently located and with everything in view - so that you can reach your destination quickly

contract logistics

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  • Store delivery
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In contract logistics, as a logistics company, we offer long-term services that are tailored to the specific requirements of the customer. This aims to support customers in optimizing their logistics processes and reducing costs.

For example, we take over the entire works traffic on the company premises by providing both drivers and vehicles. This procedure is low-risk for the customer, since he does not have to invest in staff or a vehicle fleet to optimize his processes.

We also offer to take over inventory management. We manage the warehouse logistics and the shipping or transport for our customers. The goods are stored with us, picked here and professionally packed and shipped from here. Store deliveries are also conveniently carried out in this way. Simply hand over the entire order processing to us – we will do it.

airport service

to the terminal

The gateway to the world and one of the most important air freight hubs in Europe – that is Frankfurt Airport. The proximity of our location there brings with it many advantages. We know every terminal and know our way around on site. For example, if deliveries have to be picked up, our drivers know exactly where to go.

Due to the tight schedules and tight handling times at the airport, good time management is essential. This includes the coordination of transport, compliance with check-in and cut-off times and the consideration of possible delays. That's where experience pays off at Germany's largest commercial airport.

We have a large network at the airport and fixed contacts at the local logistics companies. This is a great advantage when it comes to customs clearance issues.

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Local transport Rhine-Main

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Local transport Rhine-Main

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FAQ on local transport in the Rhine-Main area

What is the difference between local transport and long-distance transport?
At Duwensee, the size of the goods to be transported and the destination of the delivery are decisive in determining whether the delivery counts as local transport. It can be the case that express goods are transported in one piece in a smaller truck from the local transport fleet instead of being delivered on the large loading area for long-distance transport. This is possible up to a radius of 200 kilometers.
Which environmentally friendly measures does Duwensee use in local transport?
We always attach great importance to modernity in our fleet. In this way we can ensure that our fleet meets the latest standards and emits as little CO2 as possible.
How do I get goods off the truck?
Our cars are all equipped with a lifting platform. This means that you can easily accept the goods with your pallet truck. If this is not available or the local conditions do not allow it, our truck-mounted forklift can be requested. This guarantees that the transport does not fail in the last few meters.
I have ordered large, bulky items - do you deliver to the front door?
Yes! For such situations, we offer the two-man service - an extra pair of strong hands that gets to work. This means that devices such as a refrigerator are not only delivered to the curb, but are set down in the right place.

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