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national long distance traffic –

within 48 hours at the destination
Our services
  • All of Germany within a short time
  • Solutions for every transport good
  • part or full loads
  • Partition
  • fixed date deliveries
Your Benefits
  • Highest flexibility
  • Optimal handling thanks to many years of experience
  • Transport status can be viewed at any time
  • trained drivers for unerring transportation

Across the republic - and as quickly as possible, targeted and without detours. Your goods are guaranteed to be well received by your customers. We make sure that we find the right transport option for each shipment. Refrigeration chain or long goods? No problem. With us your goods are at the destination within 48 hours.

Why we are the right partner

We not only characterize our high level of expertise, but also the professionalism and flexibility with which we can respond to our customers and their concerns. We take the time to find the right solution for every order. We even go beyond customer requests: we deal with the conditions and offer alternatives that make transport even more quickly or better.

Our customers also benefit from the fact that we have a contact for each area who is an expert in the respective area. This means that you can fully rely on us and get the services from a single source. So our customers can be sure that their concerns are in the right hands with us. This also means that less post -processing time is usually necessary - because the order has been planned so well from the outset that the process is smooth.

Partial and full loads
Nutzen Sie genau den Platz auf der Ladefläche, den Sie brauchen
Additional Services
Whether trade fair service, express goods or more - we do it!
General cargo loading
Economical transport option for our customers

Across Germany - fast and safe

Contact our experts.
We will be happy to take care of your concerns – and offer you optimized solutions.

part or
full load

Our services
  • affordable transportation
  • suitable for any shipment size
  • very flexible
Your benefits
  • fair price
  • fast deliveries
  • individual advice

What we take for granted and our daily bread means maximum flexibility for our customers. Depending on how much goods you want to transport, you can either use a complete trailer from us or only use a small part of the available loading area. Because the remaining area can be used and loaded, the truck is still full - this not only saves transport costs, but is also environmentally friendly thanks to intelligent loading, since fewer vehicles have to be sent on the way. Thanks to our many years of experience, you can still be sure that your goods will arrive at their destination safely and quickly.

In order to save resources and optimize transport routes, we make use of various logistical concepts. One of them is the round trip, also known as the milk run principle. What is based on the earlier and eponymous milkmen from the USA and England has a simple core. We deliver full goods (e.g. gas bottles) and take empties back to the warehouse at the same time. In this way, not only our customers can save efficiently. It also has the advantage for our vehicles that no empty runs take place. In this way, our trips are optimally utilized.

It's a matter of size …

We offer the best service thanks to a wide range of vehicles

Our 30 trailers are mostly used on longer distances. Different sizes allow us to respond individually to the needs of our customers. In doing so, we also adapt completely to the goods to be transported. Our tautliners allow us to easily load the surface from the side. If the estate requires it, it is even possible to raise the roof in order to be able to load the trailer properly. On construction sites in particular, it often happens that components have to be transported as a whole - and can sometimes be quite long. But for this we quickly fold away the roof so that the goods to be transported can simply be lifted out with the crane if necessary. In addition, we can offer our customers another service with the help of our truck-mounted forklift – after all, deliveries that are miles away should not fail because of the last few meters from the truck to the front door.

Knife service from the professionals: Rely on the experts at Duwensee.

exhibition service

Are you exhibiting at a trade fair soon? Excellent! Feel free to leave the delivery to us. Which hall, which area, which stand? Leave those questions to us. Thanks to many years of experience, we have an overview of most exhibition centers in Germany.

Special transports are our thing: Rely on the experts from Duwensee.

special transports

You have an unusual transport? We're happy to help! Whether at night in the middle of the pedestrian zone or oversized on construction sites - the more special, the better. Where others cancel, you've come to the right place with us when it comes to special transport.

Thanks to our large fleet of vehicles, we are prepared for almost anything.

Our fleet

Our fleet of 30 trailers is ready for anything. Another big advantage is that we have our own fleet of vehicles, which we have an overview of at all times. This allows us to work flexibly and to act quickly. Even more flexibility is achieved by using our own drivers.

Across Germany -
fast and safe

Contact our experts.
We are happy to take care of your concerns - and offer you optimized solutions.

General cargo loading –
when the little things make the big difference

Our services
  • individual and tailor-made advice
  • safe packing, loading and unloading of the goods
  • If necessary, intermediate storage until the delivery date
  • fixed delivery for precise planning
Your benefits
  • most flexible form of transport
  • easy handling for us - cost-effective for the customer
  • easier and safer transportation
  • Your goods in the hands or on the loading area of experts

Additional Services

  • dangerous goods
  • Delivery to the end user Notification of delivery -> Make sure that the recipient is also there
  • Supplied with lifting platform and pallet truck
  • Overnight Express Service -> Next day delivery
  • Shipment tracking -> Always know where the shipment is
  • High Value Goods -> additional insurance for valuable goods

In order to be able to guarantee our fixed date booking service, we use the Sim Cargo network, of which we are a member ourselves. This is a dense network in which various bundling points are networked with each other, so that daily direct traffic ensures fast and uncomplicated deliveries.

Unter der Stückgutverladung verstehen wir Spediteure solche Lieferungen, die „an einem Stück“ verladen werden können. Dieses können etwa Gebinde sein oder Güter auf einer Euro-Palette. Wir senken unsere Transportkosten durch Bündelungseffekte mit unseren Systempartnern und lassen Sie davon direkt profitieren! Da wir dank unserer Flotte und unserer Expertise oftmals sehr flexibel arbeiten können, sind können wir unseren Kunden diesen Service der Einzelsendungen anbieten.

Auch wenn die Ladung noch so klein ist, geben wir uns dafür ebenso die größte Mühe.

In these industries we make a difference

Our customers are diverse

... and that requires flexibility and expertise on our part. Different industries require specific knowledge. We have acquired this over many years, so that our customers can now benefit from it.

These come from the automotive sector, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry or the fashion sector. We are proud to have a wide range of customers, from family businesses to major customers. Temperature-controlled transport is particularly important for pharmaceutical and food transport. On request, we can prepare a thermo log for every trip. In addition, we are HACCP-certified.

automotive logistics from Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH


In this area, “just in time” delivery plays an important role. In order to ensure smooth production processes, it is important to deliver certain components that are stored in our warehouse on time.
pharmaceutical logistics from Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH


Safe transport is an absolute must for sensitive but sometimes life-saving medicines. As with food, the thermal protocol is an important standard for us and our customers.
food industry logistics from Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH

food industry

Continuous temperature monitoring is important in the food industry to ensure freshness and to guarantee that goods do not spoil in transit. Of course, we observe mixed loading bans.
textile industry logistics from Duwensee Spedition & Lagerhaus GmbH

textile industry

We are in action between the central warehouse and the sales area. Our textile customers consult us as a forwarding agent when supplies are needed at the forefront. Experienced processes and trained drivers ensure fast processing.

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Our experts for national transport

Duwensee Spedition und Lagerhaus GmbH - Dirk Hlavnicka
Dirk Hlavnicka

Long-distance national

Tel. +49 (0) 6104 64860 – 17
Fax +49 (0) 6104 64860 – 2917
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Duwensee Spedition und Lagerhaus GmbH - Robin Boll
Robin Boll

Long-distance national

Tel. +49 (0) 6104 64860 – 15
Fax +49 (0) 6104 64860 – 2915
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Duwensee Spedition und Lagerhaus GmbH - Marco Strohl
Marco Strohl
Long-distance national

Tel. +49 (0) 6104 64860 – 06
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Duwensee Spedition und Lagerhaus GmbH - Peter (Long-distance national)
Peter Keller
Long-distance national

Tel. +49 (0) 6104 64860 – 22
Fax +49 (0) 6104 64860 – 2922
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FAQ on national long-distance transport

What is the difference between national and international long-distance transport?
National long-distance transport refers to the transport of goods within a country, while international long-distance transport involves the transport of goods between different countries.
When it comes to international long-distance transport, we specialize in particular in transport between England and Germany. You can read the specific requirements here.[VERLINKUNG]
What documents are required for national long-distance transport?
For national long-distance transport, only a shipping document (e.g. bill of lading) and an invoice are usually required.
What are the risks of national long-distance transport?
There are some risks with national long-distance transport, including delays caused by bad weather or traffic congestion. However, thanks to our telematics system, we keep a close eye on our vehicles and thus your goods.
What types of insurance are there for national long-distance transport?
For national long-distance transport, insurances such as transport insurance, liability insurance, driver insurance and comprehensive insurance are available. We will clarify these issues with you in advance. With us you have the advantage that we are both a forwarder and a freight carrier - so you get everything conveniently from one source.
How are the costs for national long-distance transport calculated?
National long-distance transport costs are usually calculated based on the distance, weight or volume of the goods to be transported. In addition, costs for additional services such as packaging or storage may be incurred.

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